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As a wholesaler you will be given your own unique discount code. Items are sold at 70% of the RRP as displayed at at the time of purchase.

  • Minimum order quantity of 12 of each item purchased unless agreed prior to order e.g. one set of crackers is equal to one item, regardless of quantity within that set.

  • Reorder quantity is then 6 of an item. 

  • Face wipes and hankie pouches will be ordered in type e.g. 12 x floral sets of face wipes, 12 x check hankie pouches etc.

  • Delivery is £3.95 - £10.55 sent by Royal Mail Tracked 48-hour (unless agreed otherwise)

  • Lead time is 2-4 weeks depending on time of year i.e. Christmas is much busier than May!

  • Items must remain in any packaging for display, but can be added to e.g. no removal of labels but feel free to add your own in addition.

  • Only items in the Wholesale section of the website are available at the 70% wholesale price, unless otherwise agreed.


Once you have placed your order and payment is received you will be in the queue of orders.​ We would aim to include any suppliers in social media posts to mutually promote your business where we can.

Thank you for your interest!

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