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Plants and Pottery

The Oathouse

Thank you for visiting The Oathouse. Here you will find an ever-growing range of eco-friendly products to use around your home. While they may not all be 'essential' items, they do provide you with the opportunity to maintain traditions without damaging the planet.

All items are handmade in our home studio in Surrey and finished to a high standard. We make use of every last scrap of fabric and products are designed (and sized) with this in mind. We have a range of items that are made from leftover pieces and all thread and trimmings are saved and used as stuffing in other projects.

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My Story

The name of The Oathouse came about from the names of my children - Oliver (13), Amelie (12) and Toby (10) - OAT. I often refer to them as The OATs or OAT when writing and talking about them and so it kind of stuck! As they are an integral part of this small business, it felt right to centre it around them in the way it operates as well as its name! 


Reducing or eliminating wasteful items is important to me. I feel very lucky to merge my passion of fabric and creating things with developing products to protect the planet.  Christmas and birthday parties are the ideal opportunity for us all to make changes to non-essential items we use, without losing any magic or fun! I have long felt that Christmas crackers produced so much unnecessary waste, both the mostly poor contents as well as the cracker itself. And so the Reusable Fabric Crackers were born! I felt being able to pull the cracker with some resistance, to maintain the excitement and anticipation of who will win the prize, was important to encourage people to use them. Change doesn't always feel comfortable or affordable. The variety of designs from The Oathouse gives people choices for their budgets and personal tastes, with the option of building up the sets you need gradually.


The ONLY traditional element that does not remain is the loud snap. Instead you experience a joyful crackle from the Velcro and ding from the beautiful bells! Many people have commented that they prefer this as previously the snaps have upset their pets or children with certain sensitivities. Those who are keen to include the snap have easily sources them and added them easily. Of course we are not just crackers about crackers, but produce lots of useful alternative reusable items designed to reduce waste and save money long term.


The OATs themselves offer a huge amount of support by sharing their ideas, testing out the products and helping out where they are able. In particular they are all very handy with the machines and tools - particularly the overlocker (serger) which they love using!! 

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