White Gold Glitter Reusable Fabric Crackers - Set of 2

White Gold Glitter Reusable Fabric Crackers - Set of 2


Set of two white gold, glittery, fabric reusable crackers. These glittery crackers are ideal for all celebrations and mixed with the other glitter crackers of other colours, make a stunning set. This aqua version has a silver trim and could make a unique gift for a wedding anniversary for a celebrating couple, or for birthdays as a unique way to give small gifts like jewellery or vouchers. Then they can be used again at Christmas dinner making them versatile as well as eco-friendly!


Beautiful stylish reusable crackers with glittery binding on the edges. They are pullable, refillable and of course reusable over and over. They have added sparkle with beautiful glitter edging and glitter ribbons, along with coordinating gold or silver bells.


Fill these beautiful Christmas crackers with chocolates, lip balms, stickers or even make your own cracker gifts. What about giving a voucher or ticket for a special show or theme park?


These can be pulled apart and even make a crackle and a ding from the bells jingling and the Velcro opening! Use the pullable crackers year after year to bring a smile over your Christmas dinner and add some reusable party hats for extra festive cheer!


Crackers usually produce so much mixed waste each year that cannot be recycled or reused. These crackers can be used over and over for years to come!


Available in many patterned, plain, and glittery fabrics to suit your own decor.


To fill you can either undo the ribbon and retie or open in the middle with the Velcro and put back together again. Reusable felt party hats also available!


Price is for a set of two.


Approximate length 36cm. Name tags sold separately.